Express presents Swedish Italian and ecological quality coffee, no tricks

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Away from large advertising campaigns with celebrities and well-paid marketing that captures a sweeping new pseudoentendidos snobs and coffee, coffee is really.
No tricks or juggling to create artificial flavors. And between authentic cafes, cafes are great, as the Italian artisan coffee. The makers who truly appreciate coffee.

Swedish Express is one of the most prominent in the latter group. The brand works only (unlike other firms) the choicest varieties of Arabica and Robusta coffees and roasts with exquisite care. Moreover, their use capsules Caffitaly System, such as the Fagor coffee, fully compatible with these. Your system offers 7 to 8 grams of coffee, the perfect fit for optimal espresso as baristas. Other brands offered only 4 to 5 grams, which the espresso not reach the same degree of flavor, body and aroma.

The roasting coffees Swedish Express takes the right spot for maximum aroma, body and flavor, while brands with less coffee it roasted over burning it, to force the espresso.

In addition, the unique system of capsules Swedish Expres, the flavor remains unchanged, ensuring all the fullness of flavor and pleasure to keep the freshly ground coffee without additives.

The quality of its cafés, Ècaffè made ​​by one of the best Italian coffee experts, is present in all its variety of flavors : Creamy, Prezioso, Morbido, Rich, full-bodied, Delicato (Decaffeinated) and Harmonious. The latter is particularly successful with grown coffee plantations small agricultural cooperatives Fairtrade. Furthermore, it is the only brand that sells organic coffee online. To accompany all these, the brand also offers capsules of milk and chocolate .

One benefit of not requiring large media campaigns is that you make sure you are buying good coffee without paying high prices for advertising. Thus, Swedish Expres, mainly sold online but just opened a physical store in the Valencian town of Sweden. The brand offers really competitive prices, thus achieving worthwhile testing.

Its compatibility with the Fagor coffee is one of its strengths. Even if you have not already own a machine, Swedish Express also offers coffee Caffitaly System high-end, high performance with a very attractive appearance and a pump pressure of 15 bars. You can customize your coffee with the push of a button: 1 short espresso, 1 for medium-long infusions and 1 espresso, chocolate and milk. Besides the buttons are
programmable (in other coffee capsules market is not possible).

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Caffitaly system Gaggia capsules

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Caffitaly System (known in some markets as the Caffita System) is another alternative system with coffee pods for espresso and other drinks at home with espresso machines. The name is derived from the Italian word for coffee, and Italy.

Caffitaly was developed by the Italian company Gaggia, and has been adopted by other manufacturers, including, Princess of Netherlands, Germany Tchibo Espresso Club of Israel. It is similar in principle to the Tassimo, Nespresso and other systems competition. The cup can be removed easily once the coffee is made, the machine requires little maintenance or cleaning in this case.

The coffee machine that uses this system is called Nautilus and noted for its innovative design, has no resemblance to other coffee machines on the market, they emphasize its curves and its buttons.

Roasters compatible with this brand of coffee are CHICCO D'ORO Coffee, coffee Cagliari, Crem ÉCaffé CAFFÉ and all Italian coffee brands that have developed coffee capsules for this system.

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