Illy presents its new coffee machine capsules, the Y5 model

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Photo: illy Iberia

Illy presents its new coffee capsules Y5 model, known for its modern, minimalist design that fits into any space.

All controlesy coffee buttons are located on the front, allowing easy control and usability. The expulsion of the capsules occurs automatically for Iperespresso system patented by the company worldwide.

It has several programming options in the settings, from the automatic to the fast loading of capsules off, past the scheduled scaling, the energy saving mode or changing the pressure. It is marketed both channels home run as the OCS. It is released in black and white.

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illycaffè has the Y2 Professional machine

By admin | In Illy , Illycaffe | Date 4/3/2014

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Illy has presented the new professional coffee Food Y2, the new capsule machine for the Horeca channel. Y2 created to provide an alternative solution to customers who want to provide a quality coffee in their local Iperespresso thanks to the capsules of illy espresso preparing adequately with a persistent and hazelnut cream.

The booth is divie Food illycaffè in four different areas depending on the product and the distribution channel three engaged in 100% Arabica blend of illy and other tea and chocolate. The main area will be dedicated to coffee beans, represented by the iconic 3Kgr can of illy. Another area will be dedicated to professional system Iperespresso illy capsules, which can be enjoyed with the Y2 machine.

Y2 has two groups of independent coffee brewing. Each group 150 can perform coffee daily, 50 consecutive effecting automatic download of the capsule by a storage capacity of 50 capsules used in the disposable tray. The water tank is 4 liters, what gives a range of 100 espresso coffees.

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Diego Bruno winner of the seventh edition of the illy Prize proclaimed SustainArt

By admin | In General , Illy , Illycaffe | Date 03/06/2014

Diego Bruno, Mirta Demare gallery in #SoloProjects, has proclaimed this afternoon winner of the seventh edition of the illy Prize for his work SustainArt Location.

The illy SustainArt Award, presented by Carlos Urroz in space SustainArt illycaffè, celebrated its seventh edition ARCOmadrid in order to identify and recognize the work of an artist who presents his work in the Solo Projects section: Focus Latin America, offering visibility and networking opportunities in online platform.

The recognition has consisted of a cash prize of 15,000 Euros and the possibility of submitting a project for a tazailly Art Collection, the famous collection of cups of coffee which, in the last twenty years, have expressed their creativity some of the most important representatives of international contemporary art, along with emerging talents.

The jury of Jesus Carrillo, Head of Cultural Programs of the Department of Public Affairs of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, João Fernandez, Deputy Director of Conservation, Research and Dissemination of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and Carlo Bach, director of illycaffè art, highlighted the work of Diego Bruno his ability to cross the historical memory with personal memory in an audiovisual piece that the jury described as "modern archeology".

The installation comes in two screens showing a through written language and other visual language through a space disappeared with a traumatic past. This duality of languages ​​creates a conflict in the viewer to not let synthesize information, forcing him to position itself for a language or another.

Diego Bruno said his quees work a job that tests the perception of past and present and the relationship between the visual information and textual.Se feel excited to have won the illy prize SustainArt and recognizes the work of a company like supporting illy the work of young artists.

The SustainArt illy Prize at ARCO was established in 2008, recognizing in its first edition the young Brazilian artist Matheus Rocha Pitta. In its second edition, in 2009, the prize was awarded to Avinash Veeraraghavan, one of the emerging young talent in India. The 2010 edition recognized the Mexican artist Camilo Ontiveros, and again in 2011 to a Brazilian artist, the young Andre Komatsu.

In 2012 the award went to Chilean artist Voluspa Jarpa, in its last edition in 2013, was the artist couple Julia Rometti & Victor Costales who received the award for his book "Anarchism Magic". illy_art_arco2014

Samsung sealed an alliance with Illy coffee company

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Once more companies seek to innovate and approach to new technologies, so much so that Samsung has closed a partnership with coffee company Illy

Younghee Lee, vice president of Samsung, said they want to create synergies and collaboration with both brands but do not intend to enter the coffee market.

This collaboration will begin with Samsung tablet devices available to customers in two of the charming shops of Illy, Illy and cafes offer two of the most representative shops of Samsung.

The two companies want to share their products in other stores, starting with Illy Regent Street store in London. Illy shop in London's Regent Street, Samsung has introduced several devices Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.


By admin | In Illy , Illycaffe | Date 10/12/2013


Illy presents the new machine Iperespresso Y5 Y5 machine offers a compact design exalted high quality materials.

Illy provides some reasons for this coffee machine:
• The Y5 is the machine that want to teach your friends
• The Y5 is an appliance but a design object
• The Y5 finding his way out of the kitchen and fits into any corner of your home, like a chameleon, blending in with the decor of your home

Illycaffè you closer to the World Expo 2015

By admin | In Illy , Illycaffe | Date 11/21/2013


illycaffè has chosen to collaborate officer next World Expo, to be held in Milan in 2015.
The known and expected World Expo will be entitled "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" and illycaffè, thanks to its deep knowledge of the coffee world, will be responsible for programming the contents of the pavilion dedicated to this product, reviewing the path made from the plant to the cup.

Winning illycaffè presents the model of FAS

By admin | In Illy , Illycaffe | Date 11/19/2013


illycaffè will be exhibiting in Vendibérica to present for the first time in Spain, Winning, a forward-vending hot drinks produced by FAS International model machine.

The machine has a capacity of 270 capsules, four kilograms of coffee beans and four containers of soluble products, covering all possible offer: the advantage of the coffee beans, the quality of espresso capsules containing the illy unique blend 100% Arabica and complete supply with milk-based beverages, chocolate, barley and ginseng tea.

Produced in Italy by Italian FAS, the model uses the capsules Winning Mitaca Professional System available in two levels of roasted and decaffeinated. With capacity to serve up to 780 vessels, it is ideal for large enterprises, public spaces and places with high coffee intake solution.

illy introduces new coffee mocha Balzani

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illy offers you two options to recover your mocha coffee lifetime:
the traditional version and version chef, thanks to an exclusive technology called separation system of coffee, can extract only the noblest parts of the product by improving the quality of coffee in traditional coffee mocha Balzani. 3 versions of color and size. Moka Chef: one size, with the ability to deliver 3 cups.

Carlos Torras won the fourth edition of illy cocktail competition

By admin | In Illy , Illycaffe | Date 6/30/2013

· Second place was Carlos Gonzalez Vega, barista at the International Bar Delicatessen "The English Court" of Madrid, with the recipe The Cuban Donkey

· Third place was Jose Maria Rello, worker at Cafe Boulevard de la Rioja, selected for their prescription Embrasse-moi

Carlos Torras

Carlos Jimenez Torras proclaimed this morning in Barcelona, ​​winner of illy cocktail contest competition, competition for professionals in the hospitality sector that aims to spread the culture of coffee among specialist shaker. Carlos Torras won the fourth edition of this national competition organized by illycaffè, with cocktail Travel Plan. Torras acts as bartender at the Hotel Tryp Condal Mar in Barcelona.

In its fourth year, ten finalists selected through Bar Business magazine for the originality of their recipes, have competed in turn two at the Eclipse bar in the W Hotel in Barcelona, ​​where the contest has happened this morning.

Contestants have prepared, within a maximum time of 15 minutes, four samples of the same cocktail and presented to the four members of the jury of Massimo Saggese, CEO of illycaffè spa branch in Spain, Lucio Tanfi, barista and trainer Università del Caffè di Spagna and Portugalia, Diego Arnold, commercial director of Drinkmotion and Vincenzo Masino, sales manager Bar Business magazine.

The jury praised the look of the cocktail, the aromas, the relationship between the ingredients and how they interact with coffee, essential ingredient in the recipe that had to be present with a minimum amount of 25 ml (espresso) and a maximum 50ml. Alcoholic measure should not exceed that of coffee. The presentation of the cocktail has also been an important factor in the assessment of the 10 recipes presented.

illycaffè opened the first illy Point of Spain in El Corte Ingles

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Illy has opened the first illy Point in Spain in the Gourmet Club of El Corte Ingles in Madrid Calle Serrano.

illy Point is the first exhibition corner illy products for the home, and works as a shop-in-shop in the Gourmet Club of the English Court. It is designed by illycaffè in a column with four windows where different categories of product for home consumption are presented:

• The system Iperespresso illy is the formula that guarantees a perfect espresso made at home with the Iperespresso capsule containing 7 grams of illy 100% Arabica blend, and perform extraction in two phases: the first lets the water within the capsule to infuse the coffee. After a few seconds, the coffee is emulsified by the pressure created inside the capsule, creating a lasting cream that forms inside and not on coffee. The result is a perfect espresso as the machine would make a professional hospitality.

The illy Point offers several models of machines running the Iperespresso capsules: the legendary and innovative X7.1 and 1.1.

• The collection artist cups illy Art Collection, one of the largest collections of contemporary art in the world. Since 1992 artists like Jeff Koons, James Rosenquist, Julian Schnabel, Robert Rauschenberg,

Michelangelo Pistoletto and Marina Abramovic, have signed the design of the known collections of cups of espresso and cappuccino. The illy Point will present the latest collection signed by the American artist Kiki Smith.

• The supply of illy coffee for home, plus Iperespresso system also includes other methods of consumption and cans of ground coffee and beans 250 gr. and paper pods.

• The last showcase illy Point is dedicated to all products of Gruppo illy, holding the Illy family, which brings together some excellent companies like Domori (high quality chocolate), Dammann Frères (French tea maker), and Mastrojanni (wines Montalcino). For this occasion, the illy Point presents a selection of chocolates and wines Domori Mastrojani.

"After a year working together in the hotel, and El Corte Ingles illy they want to broaden the experience of coffee at the cafe home consumption. The illy Point project in the Gourmet Club El Corte Ingles made available to the consumer all illycaffè offers products for the home. Thus, the consumer cafeteria El Corte Ingles can still enjoy illy experience home, "says Massimo Saggese, CEO of illycaffè for Spain and Portugal.

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