Philips Saeco Syntia Cappuccino

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Today we present this coffee maker of the brand Philips Saeco, the model in question is ka Syntia Cappuccino coffee.


The Syntia model is characterized by its refined design, its high performance in a small footprint, ease of use and ability to always offer the best tasting coffee, with guaranteed Philips Saeco, the Italian manufacturer specialized in producing espresso machines with coffee beans or ground coffee.

Syntia is, in terms of size and performance, a true synthesis. It is the machine more compact automatic coffee in the sector thanks to the optimization of space and the use of the latest technologies, being able to offer the best performance with its small size, with an elegance and sobriety of style house easily and harmonious in every kitchen.

A good cappuccino should have a layer of foamed milk so it is that this variety Syntia Cappuccino coffee is achieved with the use of a milk jug methacrylate which is integrated with the result that this unique texture is achieved.
An electronic front panel enables the user to use the machine and the choice of coffee and intensity.

Syntia Cappuccino is available in major appliance outlets at a price of € 884.

The Philips Saeco Syntia range consists of 5 models:
1. Syntia Cappuccino Stainless Steel (stainless steel)
2. Syntia Stainless Steel (stainless steel)
3. Syntia Class Black Side (front and upper quadrant in stainless steel, black sides)
4. Syntia Class White Side (front and upper quadrant stainless steel side blank)
5. Total Syntia Black (front and upper quadrant in black metal, black plastic side)

Technical Features

  • Compact 25.6 x 31.5 x 41.5 cm.
  • Material stainless steel frame with silver accents / metal and plastic for black finish.
  • Display multicolor with identifiable icons.
  • Amount of coffee to serve, temperature and customizable intensity.
  • Energy-saving automatic standby after 1 hour (consumption of less than 1 W).
  • Integrated function and automatic milk for cappuccino foam.
  • 1.2 liter water container.
  • Coffee container with 250 grams ..
  • 8 grounds container services.
  • 15 bar pressure.
  • Exclusive Brita filter water purification in 4 phases.
  • Rapid steam (1 boiler)
  • Ceramic coffee grinder / adjustable (5 positions)
  • Coffee: Coffee Bean used with ground coffee option.
  • Group of coffee grounds container, easily removable bottom tray remains for proper use and cleaning
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This model combines high functionality and ease of use with a line of robust and compact design. Syntia Cappuccino is designed to make tasty espresso coffees or delicious cappuccino at the push of a button.

Syntia Cappuccino like the rest of Saeco coffee machines, used coffee grounds or beans that guarantee the user the choice of brand of coffee, and include the latest technology making this machine the perfect appliance for the whole family. This machine incorporates a coffee grinder own brand in ceramics, with which it guarantees a correct ground coffee beans which prevents burning. Also, water filter system ensures the Brita water purity, very important factor for perfect coffee flavor.

An electronic front panel enables the user to use the machine and the choice of coffee and intensity. It also indicates the need to incorporate coffee, water or even emptying the coffee used (sludge).

A good cappuccino must have a layer of frothed milk so that it is this variety Syntia Cappuccino Coffee is achieved with the use of a milk jug is incorporated methacrylate, with the result of this unique texture is achieved.

Syntia Cappuccino drinks prepared from coffee grounds or beans. Furthermore, the minimal amount of coffee used is 7 grams amount from which it is considered that an authentic espresso, which does not happen in some systems and single-dose capsules is obtained.

Syntia Cappuccino has a width of 25.6 cm to ensure that the location in any kitchen possible. Also their line design in stainless steel and chrome accents give any kitchen a touch of class and elegance.

Syntia Cappuccino be available at major outlets for appliances from November at a price of approximately € 884.
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Saeco Coffee XSMALL, the smallest of the gamma

By admin | In Coffee Machines , Coffee Machines , Saeco | Date 27-11-2009

Today we present another novelty that was shown at the Open Day was Saeco XSmall, characterized by its easy use and cleaning and rounded ergonomic design that makes it the coolest Saeco machine. XSmall is the result of a project conducted by BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the German consulting with which Saeco has worked closely for years. The machine optimizes time and space, and combines functionality, design, high performance and quality. The perfect mini appliance for small kitchens today. On May 19, XSmall was the "Plus X Award 2009" - the biggest in Europe of its sector- in the category of technological design competition. A prestigious award for the smallest of the family.

Saeco Syntia introduced the coffee and Xelsis

By admin | In Saeco | Date 13-11-2009

The company presented its new Saeco auromática coffee machines for domestic use: Syntia and Xelsis in the Open Day.

Syntia is the automatic coffee machine more compact the sector thanks to the optimization of space and the use of new technologies. Its performance is excellent and its design is elegant and sober. Syntia is very easy to handle and built in the front display even easier to understand. Includes an exclusive Saeco pannarello easily dispensing hot water or steam and Brita water filter that removes impurities from water by facilitating the preparation of perfect coffee.

The following coffee machine that was presented is Xelsis, the maker Saeco higher range. Prepares easily nine types of drinks, from espresso to cappuccino, besides providing high customization aroma, temperature, intensity, cream or coffee amount. Xelsis stores up to 6 different profiles that can be easily identified by symbols. Thus, the desired touch of a button coffee is obtained. They also emphasize its quiet operation and its "eco" function that offers reduced power consumption. As Syntia includes Brita water filter. Xelsis allows the customization of every coffee quickly and easily.

Enlarges his family Saeco espresso machines in Argentina

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At the opening of its space Espresso Feeling, Saeco presented to the public its new espresso machines Syntia and XSmal l - in their Steam and Plus versions - ideal for young couples. These machines were designed to take up little space in any kitchen and prepare two espressos simultaneously, with the press of a button.

These new models can handle all front, allowing introduction into tight spaces. 15 bar pressure, ceramic grinder wheels, pannarello, drip tray and coffee group removable for easy cleaning are some of the features of these machines.

Syntia is known for being made ​​of stainless steel and is more compact machine automatic coffee in the sector thanks to the optimization of space and the use of latest technologies. For its part, the XSmall comes in glossy black for the Steam version, gray and silver for the Plus version.

News also arrive for professional and vending markets where Saeco Office One incorporates patterns, Phedra and Royal Coffee Bar.

Source: Market

Saeco debuts new claim: "Espresso Feeling"

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The espresso has always been more than coffee, is the celebration and enjoyment of life itself and this feeling has created a coffee culture that is alive and is loved and respected worldwide. A country is synonymous with this coffee culture, Italy, Saeco root.

Saeco is the inventor of automatic coffee machines. Each machine is the result of 25 years of research and development, new patents, exclusive designs and a passion exerted in each field.

Espresso Feeling perfectly summarizes the Saeco approach, which aims to ensure an excellent combination of lifestyle, technology and knowledge for easy handling and perfect taste.

Thanks to the countless possibilities (flavor, intensity, mixing, ...) offered by the coffee machines Saeco, you can enjoy at home in a variety of espressos, each as perfect as you could take the best coffee of any city.

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